December 1, 2021

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Most businesses today are advertised online through various formats, ranging from text, pictures, and videos. For your videos, voice-overs are very important. This is where Voicepal comes in.
Voicepal is an app that allows for “human-like” voice overs that can be used to engage your customers. While there are other voice-overs, they are usually very expensive and can deliver your projects late. For the free online text-to-speech tools, their sound effects are usually terrible and have the capability of scaring your customers away. Voicepal therefore can be said to be a perfect choice.

Voicepal comes with some benefits which include:

A. No need for pre technical knowledge.
B. Has a human-like voice thereby increasing trust, sales, and conversions.
C. Can turn your audio clips into traffic getting articles.
D. Converts existing audio files to other languages in human-like voices.
E. The voice-overs can be used on any video editing software.

Using Voicepal is very easy and all you have to do is follow these steps. 1) Paste the text that you want to get a voice-over done inside “Text to Convert”.

  1. Convert your text into your desired language.
  2. Lastly, download the voice over

With Voicepal, you can get to more customers around the globe without the language barrier.