September 22, 2021

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Storage is of paramount importance to most people and that is why there is the need to get an external memory card. However, there are fake memory cards which are sold to people. It is unfortunate that in some cases, you can only detect a fake memory card after you have used it for some time.

Nevertheless, there are still factors to look out for while getting a memory card to know if it is fake or not. But you must note that, before you start complaining of a fake memory card, the place of purchase and the amount must be considered. This is because most fake memory cards are gotten from street hawkers at an extremely low price. When you get this and later find it to be fake, it becomes difficult for you to take any action as there is no possibility of getting to meet the seller again and if peradventure you do, there is only little or nothing you can do about it. Haven said that, below are signs of a fake memory card.

The Packaging: ‘Good wines are put in a good wineskin’. The same goes for memory cards. To know if a memory card is fake, check out the packaging. If it looks very cheap with odd, inconsistent printing and no seals, that could be the first sign of a fake card. No genuine company will put forward a product with glaring errors. Check and make sure that the back of the package contains information about the product such as its specifications and card speed, as well as all the appropriate labels, and warranty info.

Inspect the Memory Card: Aside from the packaging, you can also inspect the memory card itself to know if it’s fake. For this, the biggest sign is the lack of a unique serial number that identifies the card. If you cannot find any long strings containing numbers or letters with numbers, the memory card is most likely fake. You can as well check the front label of the memory card – is it positioned more or less evenly, or does it look tilted? Does the label look properly printed in high quality? Does it look like it will easily peel off? Those are all signs of potentially fake memory cards.

Test the Memory Card: This is the best way to know if you’ve gotten a fake memory card. Most fake memory cards significantly underperform when compared to genuine ones, one can therefore, quickly identify such cards by performing a file copy. To do this, first of all, make sure that you have a fast memory card reader. If you don’t, the speed test will be completely pointless. Next, grab a large file from your computer and copy it into the memory card and observe the average write speed. If you don’t get more than 10-20 MB/sec on a memory card that promises up to 90 MB/sec write speeds, you probably have a fake card. Once the file is copied, try copying it back from the memory card to see what kind of read speeds you get with it. Again, note differences in read speed.

*Note: If you got your memory card from an authorized marketer and realize it to be fake, ensure you contact the company to fix the issue but you are in danger of having a fake memory card when you choose to buy from unreliable places and a very cheap one.