August 3, 2021

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The saying, whatever have advantages also have disadvantages goes for the internet of today. So many persons are on the internet for positive and negative reasons as well. One of the disadvantages of the internet is the presence of con artists and hackers who are ready to steal from people, both finance and identity.

It is therefore pertinent that you guard yourself online so that you do not fall victim to such people. While the use of passwords is a general and the first step, you must go beyond that to ensure your safety online. Below are five basic tips to keep you safe online from hackers.

Enable Two-Step Verification: This is usually found in the settings section of your account. When using this security mechanism, you will log in using your password and then be asked to verify your identity again via a biometric (fingerprint or face scan), security keys, or a unique one-time code through an app on your mobile device. Using two-step authentication can help you feel more secured after setting up your normal passwords.

Avoid Clicking Unverified Links: This is one of the ways hackers get to their targets. They normally set up a seemingly plausible bait to lure victims. Once you click on such links, you endanger yourself sometimes to their activities. So, except verified links from trusted personnel, it is important you avoid clicking on links.

Keep Your Financial Details Away from Online Sites: Today, some purchases are done online, and in some cases, the shopping sites allow you to save your financial details online so you don’t have to go through the stress of inputting your details when making future purchases. However, when compared to the risk this poses, it will be better to go through that stress as hackers have the ability to access your information through that means to defraud you.

Use Unique Passwords: This is an important trick as so many persons like using passwords that are guessable such as their names or date of birth, probably because they want to be able to remember it. This however makes it easier for you to be hacked. While setting up passwords, try creating unique but one you can easily remember. You can add symbols to your passwords to make them unguessable. Also, try using different passwords for different sites.

Mind Who You Trust: One major way cons get to their victims is to establish some level of trust. This is done mostly by creating a fake account and feigning to be in love with the prospective target. Once the victim has fallen for this trick, they go on to start making high demands which the victim will be propelled to meet. It is important therefore, that you mind who you trust online and don’t make transactions until you’ve had a face to face contact with anyone who claims to be in love with you as you will be at your own peril if you choose to do otherwise.