October 20, 2021

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The Smart Video Revolution is the ONLY all-in-one video creator to produce, publish and personalize, cinematic-style marketing videos having over 92+ studio-grade creative elements and personalization options for names, locations, photos, and more. With personalized video being proven to increase conversions by over 985%, there are about 6,500 marketers who have been using Smart Video’s personalization technology to increase their sales.
With this, you can create, personalize and perfect cinematic style videos with the BRAND NEW personalized video creation suite and then get the videos out to the masses with custom workflows for marketing, e-mail campaign, sales, and business prospecting.
Smart Video Revolution allows you to create videos with the drag and drop cloud-based video personalization editor which includes a 360, 3D and cinematography personalized video editor, canvas resizes, video opacity settings, animated transitions, audio fade in and out, 9 video blending modes and it lets you import any kind of media, video, and images.
You can as well showcase your videos in your virtual movie theatre ranging from vertical videos, square videos, cinemagraphs on mobile, 3D videos on mobile, and 360 videos on mobile.
Also, you can enhance your videos with Pexels stock images, Pexels stock footage, Unsplash stock images, Pixabay stock footage, 100 emojis (animated and static), animated flags and stickers, and animation for images and text.
Another benefit of the smart video revolution is that you are able to reach out to your viewers personally with the first name personalization, email, geo city, geo state, image, custom, full name, last name, and animated personalization opt-in.
Next, you can promote your videos to the right people in the right ways using case studies, marketing material, contracts, consultant kit, telemarketing scripts, and personalized marketing videos.
To promote your sales, you can share your videos using social media integration, email integration, and about 90+ ESP integrations.
Also, using tools such as webcam recording, screen recorder, audio recorder, template generator, and personalized thumbnail creator, you can maximize profits.
With Smart Video Revolution, you can make great sales using the ready-to-go smart sales tools such as client folders, personalized video agency demo website, personalized email video builder & templates, personalized video landing page builder and templates, 5 chatbot demo pages and 5 niche chatbot templates.

In addition, Smart Video Revolution has some amazing features. These include:
1) Smart Video ‘Template Generator’.
This gives your customers over 250+ base videos, 50+ niche scripts, and 50+ royalty-free audios that they can simply shake up their perfect template every time.
2) LinkedIn Integration.
In this case, your viewers can connect via LinkedIn which gives your customers an extra professional edge using voiceover capabilities, local business niche landing page templates and so much more.
3) Personalized Video Demo Show Room.
With this, your customers can have personal meetings with their prospective clients and show off personalized video demos.
4) Agency-ready materials.
The materials here include; Ready-to-go personalized video, marketing explainer video, video agency landing page, readymade demo-scripts, sales scripts, telemarketing scripts and so much more. So, all that is needed is to add their personal branding and make their sales.
5) Communication and Business Tools.
This includes live chat app, personalized niche chatbot templates, chatbot demos, unbranded case studies, social app, to-do app, and a whole host of marketing assets to boot. Thank you for watching and… see you in the next video.